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The Various Viewpoints On Animal Experimentation 2. Various

THE VARIOUS VIEWPOINTS ON ANIMAL EXPERIMENTATION 2 Various studies have been conducted concerning the health and welfare of animal test subjects and how products are tested on them. Many believe that the testing of animals is a beneficial achievement to our modern world. While others feel that the killings of millions of animals every year is not only inhumane but that it is detrimental to our developing world. Although the tests that are conducted on animals are greatly flawed, if methods of testing were to improve, it would increase the benefit for not only humans but for animals as well. Many people believe animal testing is very beneficial and necessary for human advancement. Due to improvements†¦show more content†¦Since scientists have incorporated animal testing as the main foundation for testing products, it would cost too much to switch to a method that could potentially be inoperative and undependable. Orlans (1990) states that â€Å"it is a needed part of science and that it must be conducted in accord with certain human standards.† Many scientists are also very comfortable and content with the methods that take place today and don’t feel the need to change. â€Å"†¦most scientists are reluctant to move away from this tried-and-true model, mostly because mice are cheap, docile, and good subjects from genetic engineering experiments† (Dvorsky, 2015). Because this type of experiment has been used over a long period of time, scientists don’t want to initiate another method of research. This is due to the cheap cost of testing on animals, the reliability, and the submissive nature mice encompass which make a scientist’s job easier. Another reason why animal testing is seen as valid is due to the justification principle which is a belief that suggests that â€Å"because pain is an evil, anyone who causes pain in a being that can experience it must show that it is neces sary and justifiable to cause this pain† (Tannenbaum, 1999). However, conflicting arguments show great concern with the overall health and treatment of these animals. Many feel that the inhumane and torturousShow MoreRelatedThe Harsh Reality Of Animal Cruelty1512 Words   |  7 PagesMrs.Ricobaldi English 12 CP 2 May 2016 The Harsh Reality of Animal Cruelty Humanity would not be what it is today if it were not for animals. Humans beings owe a great deal to animals, not only have they been a source of food and clothing, in addition animals have been used more for medical experiments. For thousands of years, they have served as a labor force, pulling wagons, plows, chariots, and early fire engines (Marzilli). Humans have taken advantage of animals and used them for selfish reasonsRead MoreGestalt Psychology1707 Words   |  7 Pages1 WHAT IS PSYCHOLOGY? Multiple Choice Questions 1. The term â€Å"psyche† when translated from the Greek is most closely associated with the term A) habit. B) life. C) study. D) mind. 2.The essential difference between behavior and mental processes is A) complexity. B) observability. C) controllability. D) ease of description. 3. Why is psychology a science? A) It attempts to separate the elements of the mind. B) It uses rigorous methods of observation. C) It has more than one researchRead MoreAnimal Testing And The Inhumane Side Of Testing2051 Words   |  9 PagesAnimal testing and research is highly debated around our world, with people comparing the successes of the research to the inhumane side of testing. Many medical advancements can be attributed to animal research, but of course, some tests are unsuccessful or provide no further knowledge. More humane methods of testing are being developed, and the tests that are performed with the intent of harming the animals are backed with painkillers, anesthesia, or euthanasia. However, testing for cosmetic productsRead MoreGenetic Engineering: a Blessing or a Curse?1370 Words   |  6 Pagesthought it would be interesting to explore various viewpoints. Being a Devils advocate, so to say. Viewpoint 1 Theres literally no limit to what you could do with genetic engineering. Once you have the understanding of how to control instructions given to cells, anything can de done. Like for example, take insulin, Insulin could be created by growing a certain bacteria. The supply of insulin is also not dependent on tissue samplings from animals. Throughout the centuries disease has plaguedRead MoreSocial Psychology: The Study of Influences Essay1420 Words   |  6 Pagesargued that in order to understand human behavior, you must be familiar with social environments and the impact it has on an individual. He also believed that how individuals interpreted circumstances influenced their responses. His philosophical viewpoints where some of the earliest theories exploring the connection between society and an individual. Following Aristotle ground breaking theories were the Sophists thinkers of Greece. They discussed the power of social and spiritual influences on theRead MoreA Research On Stem Cells1560 Words   |  7 PagesRose Hercilla Mr. Hoffman Biology Viewpoint: Political Stem Cells Stem cells are cells that are undifferentiated and can develop into any kind of cell needed in the body. The most common stem cells used for research and referred to are human embryonic stem cells. They are formed in embryos to help establish the body and organs for the fetus. Scientists can now fertilize eggs in a lab, which is a process frequently used for people who have difficulties becoming pregnant naturally, also known asRead MoreThe Problem Between Science and Religion1289 Words   |  6 PagesScience and religion have always been in opposing viewpoints, historically. Science has a mentality that is based off of knowledge, observation, and experimentation. However, religion has no factual proof of anything, it is solely based off of faith and feelings. The problem between these two subjects is that one has factual evidence and one does not. Science is able to explain the laws of gravity - if an item is dropped it will fall. Religion is able to explain a single persons exper ience with aRead MoreShould Animals Be Used in Lab?3435 Words   |  14 PagesShould Animals be used in Laboratory Research? Every year millions of animals are used as human food, in human sports for fun, to make clothing and to make test cosmetics, drugs, new-found treatments, and chemicals on humans. Among all these, the most contentious issue in the twenty-first century is the usage of animals in laboratories. Science is the most powerful field from which all new knowledge comes, and being the prime source of new technologies, more judgment, and science, the UnitedRead More The Work of Jean Piaget Essay1849 Words   |  8 Pagesin 1923 provided him with the opportunity to study children intimately; his first child was born in 1925, and his three children became the focus of research for both Piaget and his wife. He received numerous honorary degrees and held various influential positions during his career (president of the Swiss Society of Psychology, director of the Bureau International Office de lEducation, President of the Swiss Commission of UNESCO). He also created the International CenterRead MoreAmerican Vs. Russian Space Program2237 Words   |  9 Pageswith each visit to the International Space Station (ISS). The first few crucial factors that differentiate each program resulted from alternate methods, procedures, and test subjects for their missions. The types of vehicles, space stations, and experimentation varied significantly between the agencies of each country. A final consequential piece of the organizations culminated with the joint venture to construct the ISS and promote the space program. When Roscosmos and NASA joined together, other countries

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